Last month, Castlefield hosted the first meeting of our External Advisory Committee in Manchester. The committee is designed to help inform our approach and provide impartial oversight on how we incorporate environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) into our investment decision-making. The committee will also oversee our voting policy and the engagement that we carry out with companies on ESG issues.

The current committee consists of four members and we’re pleased to have a mix of clients and experts on the committee:

  • Matthew Ayres, Ethical Screening
  • Kevin Davies, Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches (Chairperson)
  • Rebecca O’Connor,
  • Geoff Sides, United Reformed Church North West Synod

Why do it? We think it’s a really positive move. It sends a strong signal to our clients that we’re not just paying lip-service to thoughtful investing. We’re willing to engage with experts in their field to ensure our approach incorporates the latest thinking and have external committee members examine our approach and ensure adherence for our clients.

In order to provide transparency with regards to the committee, we will be publishing a summary of the minutes of each meeting on our website to allow investors to see the content of the discussions and the committee’s recommendations.

Please find the summary of September’s inaugural meeting here.